Compass is ready 24/7/365 to deploy experienced consultants worldwide to assist clients who have suffered one of the following incidents:-


The deployed consultants will steer the client through the challenging and demanding process involved in bringing the crisis under control.

They will then suggest viable courses of action to create the best possible conditions for a safe outcome in the shortest appropriate time.

The consultants will also advise on the good management of affected families and other employees as well as advice on dealing with the authorities, commercial partners and the media.

The consultants will remain with the client as long as required.

Compass is the negotiation adviser to

The Swedish Club is a leading marine mutual insurer, headquartered in Göteborg, Sweden, and with offices in some of the world's strategic shipping centres.

The Swedish Club is a true mutual, a non-profit-making organisation. Established in 1872, it is owned and self-managed and under the direct control of its members. All strategic decisions are taken by a Board of Directors drawn from the members.

The Swedish Club is a P and I Club and member of the International Group of P and I Clubs. The Club is also  fully diversified and offers hull and machinery, loss of hire, war and other tailor made insurances for ships, mobile offshore units and FPSO owners.

Our members make up an international community of front rank shipowners, who believe that quality comes first.

Every member has met our demanding conditions of entry. These standards cannot be met without total commitment to quality. In return we provide insurance services of the highest quality; our members' premiums do not subsidise owners operating to lesser standards.